ESL releases major updates for ESL India Premiership

ESL has issued an announcement on the ESL India Premiership official website highlighting that all the qualifiers are now open for international teams.

ESL has issued an announcement on the ESL India Premiership official website highlighting that all the qualifiers are now open for international teams.

This new update has come as a surprise for the Indian gaming community as the title itself suggests that the entire event or at least the qualifiers are exclusive for Indian gamers. However if the responses from various gaming communities are considered cumulatively, the majority of the people have responded positively.

However, it is even more interesting to see the number of international teams actually registering to participate in the upcoming Starter Cups as Indian servers have a long standing bad reputation of being inconsistent. 

When asked about the possible reason for this change, Gautam Vrik, Director of NODWIN gaming has mentioned, “It may not be feasible for all International teams to participate given the overseas connectivity issues to different servers however we do want both the Indian and International esports community to play against each other on a time to time basis. International experience is of utmost importance for any sport and we hope this opportunity will help our gamers gain tremendous amount of experience. It will further ensure that the ESL India Premiership will raise talented esports athletes not only from India but other countries as well.”

ESL has also revealed the list of servers going to be used throughout the tournament.

DOTA 2: The default Singapore Valve server is set to be used for all the matches played under the game title.

Counter Strike Global Offensive: It has be rumored that SoStronk, one of the leading organization in providing logistics for CS: GO tournaments, have been contacted by NODWIN Gaming for hosting the tournament matches on their server. However the only information unveiled till now is the locations of the servers as either of Bangalore or Mumbai. An interesting facts about this rumor is that Sudhen “Bleh” Wahengbam, who is considered as the best casters in Asia, is also a part of SoStronk organization. Now it will be interesting to see if ESL can manage to include his expertise in the casting panel of the tournament to meet the standers of international LAN events, like the IEM.

HearthStone: In an announcement released a few days ago ESL has declared that instead of Asia accounts, all the HeathStone games are going to be hosted on North America accounts. As mentioned in the announcement the decision was made following a voting done on the biggest Hearthstone community of India, HearthStone India.

If all these updates are already getting you hyped then this is the time you should get enlisted in the list of registered players/teams. A total of 108, 95 and 46 registrations are already being listed for DOTA 2, CS: GO and HearthStone respectively for the upcoming Starter Cup 1 scheduled to start in the next week. The registrations are currently underway till 16th May, 4pm.

Source: ESL 

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