The Culling Early Release Review

If you are a fan of battle royal games and wished to be a part of The Hunger Games, well this is the game you should get in your Steam library.

If you are a fan of battle royal games and wish to be a part of The Hunger Games, well this is the game you should get in your Steam library. The Culling is all about exploring an arena style map, crafting and upgrading your inventory and eliminating your opponent. In short, Hunt or be Hunted!!!

The game starts with a character selection and customization screen with a fairly limited number of options to choose from. Perks are available to boost up your character; you can increase the weapon damage or get an armor to take less damage or even slowly recover from injuries, which by the way you cannot without a perk. You can also select the type of weapons you would like to be airdropped.

 Once you are done with the customization you will be spawned in the map with 16 other opponents. The first thing you will notice is the bare hands. Yes!!! You can beat the hell out of our opponents with your bare hands. Next you will find a scoreboard floating in the middle of the sky, just like the Hunger Games.

One of the basic tasks of the game is crafting. The crafting mechanics looks quite similar to the one in Far Cry Primal. Basically you will have to explore the map, open lockers and crates and find new items to craft. If u need an arrow you can simply club on any of the trees to chop off some wood to craft while keeping the bow selected.

The developers have also added the mechanics of currency, called FUNC, to make things even more interesting. Almost every other activity done in this game will require a certain amount of FUNK. So the next time you want to hit the resource button for crafting, check the FUNC count in the bottom left corner just above the health bar. You can also call for an airdrop once your FUNK count hits 100. Now there are two ways of earning FUNC: either sell an item you no longer need or kill an opponent. Hell, You can even spend FUNK to get yourself healed up, the easy way. 

As the game progresses it starts getting even more interesting. You might get lucky finding a gun, which by the way is the only immersion breaking element of the game, even though you will only have enough bullets to kill one or two opponents. You can now set up traps, throw the weapon you are holding or even better, throw grenades. For most of the time you would have to stick with the bows and arrows. The addition of announcer’s constant update of players and activity status is an interesting addition to the mix. You will join the fray of competitors to fight over the airdrop loot at the drop zone.

The moment the game timer crosses 15 minutes mark the map will slowly engulf itself with poisonous gas starting from the edges, forcing players to make their ways towards the center of the arena. So the surprise tactics of killing the opponents won’t work anymore and the final showdown will take place right in the center, where the last surviving member will be crowned the champion.

Considering the fact that the game is yet to be officially published, it already offers addictive gameplay that gamers enjoy. The graphics quality already look quite amazing, you can even see your opponent falling after dying from your arrows. However the melee attack animation needs some polishing, as most of the time you won’t even realize that you are hitting your opponent. The game also has a co-op mode in which you can pair up with a random partner, although once in a while the matchmaking gets bugged and your partner may not connect to the same server. However all these minute flaws can easily be taken care of with a few patch updates, and considering the fact that the game is still in Alpha testing stage, the quality of experience gamers can have, that also under a seemingly affordable price of INR 431, is already beyond expectation for a buyer. The Culling is currently one of the highest selling games on Steam store.

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