TOP 5 First Person Competitive Shooting Games

There’s no denying that FPS games are very popular nowadays but while many of them are enjoyable in single-player, there are some focused solely on the multiplayer experience.

There’s no denying that FPS games are very popular nowadays but while many of them are enjoyable in single-player, there are some focused solely on the multiplayer experience. That’s what makes them insanely competitive and because of that you can easily find them in a variety of tournaments each year. But which are these games, and should you play them? Here’s a list with the best, top 5 competitive shooters you can play right now!

Counter Strike - Global Offensive


If you say competitive FPS, then Counter Strike - Global Offensive is the first game comes in mind. An evolution from the old Counter Strike 1.6, GO has managed to acquire quite a massive following mostly thanks to the great graphics. On top of the normal gameplay mechanics that you could find in the older titles, this particular entry in the series does come with its own set of ideas and it really is one of the best FPS titles right now.

The action is very good, the gameplay is solid and you do get a wide range of fun gameplay moments for you to enjoy. The gun play is amazing and the gameplay is quite fast, which means that you can always test your reflexes as you try to be better and better at this game.

Since Counter Strike - Global Offensive allows you to play be it casual or competitive, it does offer plenty of opportunities to showcase your might and skill against players from all over the world. You will like that there are always new challenges for you to find and in the end the experience is nothing short of amazing to be honest.

As a fan of Counter Strike - Global Offensive you will definitely enjoy the progression system, multiple game modes and the variety of weapons at your disposal, not to mention the skins that really make the game different!

Battlefield 4

Battlefield is in a league of its own, because it offers a unique gameplay, interesting mechanics and a wide range of interesting things that just makes it fun and relaxing at all times. It’s also very easy to play yet it does take quite a lot of time to master.

What makes it stand out is the large size of the maps, the multiple game modes, the attention to detail and the high quality graphics. Not only that, but you are free coordinate with a team, while other competitive FPS titles don’t really encourage that and it’s a shame to be honest.

Halo 5

Halo has always been one of the best competitive FPS titles just because it has everything you want from a good FPS title. The gunplay is satisfying and very good, you get tons of game modes, the player base is very good and in the end you just have a lot of fun which is what matters the most. Maps have a medium size, but they are large enough to accommodate a large number of players. The gameplay is very satisfying and it does convey quite a lot of value which in the end is an amazing boost for players, that’s for sure.

With Halo you can always enter competitions without a problem and thanks to the map maker, tournaments can easily go wild as they offer specifically designed maps and courses that can even be branded. Not only that, but there have been thousands of Halo based tournaments in the past few years, a testament to the popularity of the game and its quality gameplay.

Call of Duty

Since a new COD is released each year, we added only the franchise name here! One thing is certain, thanks to the smaller maps and close quarters combat, there’s something a lot of fun with COD. It really is a stellar game with an immense player base, great quality and a true focus on a good gameplay.

While the past few titles in the COD series have experienced a player drop on PC, for some reason Black Ops III does manage to keep the standard high and it does come with many competitive experiences which is what matters the most in the end.

As a fan of great gameplay and balanced maps, you will definitely have many opportunities in COD and that really shows the uniqueness that this title provides. It’s a great pleasure to enjoy it and the outcome is definitely an extraordinary one!


Titanfall has managed to outshine other titles thanks to the addition of massive robots falling from the skies. These titans have definitely made the game more interesting and that has managed to immerse players even more in an exciting and fun gameplay to begin with. You will like the great attention to detail offered by the game creators and the interesting game moments.

Not only that, but Titanfall can easily be customized if you want and that on its own manages to deliver a great set of possibilities which is what matters the most in the end.

As you can see there are quite a lot of competitive games out there and you are the one to choose which one of them suits your needs. One thing is certain, each of these games is very fun and you should totally try them out. True, Counter Strike - Global Offensive is still the kind and definitely the most played FPS, but the others are also viable options so you should totally check them out as well!


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