How to win against Abyss Watchers in Dark Souls 3

Get yourselves prepared for some serious action with Abyss Watchers.

Get your figures prepared and have a sip of water as its time for some serious business in Dark Souls 3. Its time to face the first boss of the many bosses you will find difficult to get around with. However it’s not just one unit but many: remnants of the Farron Knights, also called Abyss Watchers. Before approaching this boss you have to make sure all of your quests are complete because after eliminating Abyss Watchers you will directly advance to the next part of the storyline.

You have to first return to the battle scene and slowly advance to the two Darkwraiths. You will have to lure them in such a way that they will clear the rest of the demons in their trail. Next engage one at a time and after finishing grab their souls; Satyrs will prove quite useful in killing them. However you can dodge this entire process by sneaking around from the right side of the area; make sure to avoid the far corner unless you want to be welcomed by a leaping satyr.

Watchers in Dark Souls 3

The next boss you would have to face is at the top of the stairs. However this time around you will have to fight off the boss twice as it has two separate health bars. The first stage is relatively standard, you can use the rolling under the attack and backstab tactics to take out the boss. However Flacon Knights will keep appearing in frequent intervals. Now there are two ways to handle them: either finish them up quick and return to the boss, or ignore them completely and keep your focus on the boss. The reason is that unless you can clean up the knights quick enough, they will keep spawning and keep you engaged while reducing your health bit by bit. The best strategy to handle the knights is to get the boss engaged with them while you can roll out to get yourself healed.

The second stage is a bit tricky, this time the boss will be armed with a fire sword. He has the ability to charge while spinning and slashing, which by the way creates a circle of fire that might hit you if you are in the radius. He also has a forward dash skill which leaves a fire trail, so this time you will have to change the tactics of forward roll to sideways. To make things easier you can lure the summons roaming around, especially the area around Keep Rune and the Farron Perimeter Bonefires, to the boss.

After the boss is killed you receive two achievements: Cinders of a Lord and Soul of the Blood of the Wolf. Then pay a visit to all the NPCs at the Firelink Shrine to receive their acknowledgements of your achievement. The final thing to collect is the Farron Ring from Hawkwood and then you can advance to light the Abyss Watchers bonfire to open a gateway to the later stages of the game.

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