Tale from the Borderlands

Tales from the Borderlands Review

Telltale Games are known for creating some very good adventure games so when Tales from the Borderlands was announced a lot of people were excited, even if some of them were a little skeptical. Transitioning the fun of Borderlands in an adventure format was definitely a true challenge, but the reality is that Tales from the Borderlands nails it.

The story is parallel to what you can find in Borderlands but it still is very funny and that does bring some great opportunities. It’s nice to see the amount of fun the writers deliver with the script and the character interaction is quite impressive considering that there are many new characters for the entire series. Thankfully, you interact with them very fast and the end result is a mix of very interesting and exciting turn of events that does pay off quite nicely.

Even if the story does have a few stale moments at times, overall it’s solid and very interesting. The voice acting does sell the entire experience very well because it’s carefully created and it does deliver an immense quality to say the least. It was quite impressive the way the voices are blended with the story and it’s just a lot of fun to see all these elements come in together.

Controller support is very good and the music you can find here is also quite interesting which does help quite a lot. There aren’t that many bugs other than a few minor issues here and there, so overall you do obtain an incredible value considering what you have acquired. It’s also important to note that you don’t really need to be a Borderlands fan to play this game. It manages to stand on its own, but if you are a fan of Borderlands then chances are that you will love it even more. 

There isn’t a lot of replay value in the game which can be a downside for some, but the reality is that on the other hand you do get an intense value at first when you play. It’s not the best game from Telltale when it comes to the story but it does provide a genuine attention in details and it’s just a pleasure to play what you can find here. It’s definitely one of the coolest titles that you can play as a fan of Borderlands and it’s delivering something new to the table.

Tales from the Borderlands is a great adventure game and both the main characters are fun and have a good chemistry. As a fan of Borderlands this is a must play but even if you don’t are a fan of the older games you can check out this title as it does offer some great adventure elements and incredible gameplay. It’s an interesting time investment and one that does pay off quite nicely in the end.

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