CS:GO update

De Inferno removed, New Prime Account Matchmaking in CS GO

There has been some massive updates recently for CS: GO that are going to affect both public matchmaking and professional scene. As most of you might know, a newly redesigned version of De_Nuke was recently released as a replacement of the original one following numerous requests from the community to balance the map. The remodeled map appears to be slightly advantageous to the Terrorist side, however it was not immediately released to the Active Duty match-pool.

In an update released on 22nd April, some massive changes have been implemented. Not only is the newly designed Nuke now available to the Active Duty pool, but also one of the oldest map of the franchisee, De_Inferno has now been removed from the Active to Secondary duty match pool. As speculated by the experts, Inferno will probably be forwarded to the development team for remodeling.

This will result in massive change of strategies for the participating teams in the upcoming major events, like the upcoming ESL One Cologne 2016, which by the way will be hosting the next Major for the discipline. As Nuke will be one of the sever maps used, it will be quite exciting to see some professional games and the new strategies the pros comes up with.

However this is not the end of the story yet. A new match-making has been added to the game interface, phrased the Prime Account Match-making. This is nothing but a new effort by Valve to reduce the menace of hackers and smurfers. The new matchmaking will be available to only those accounts who have their CS: GO profile connected to a phone number. Only those who have their accounts enlisted in prime accounts will be allowed to queue in the matchmaking. This new feature appears quite a pessimistic approach in delivering better game quality to the players.

Apart from the above major updates, a minor but unique update has been provided to the map Mirage. In an attempt to commemorate the quadruple AWP devastation by Marcelo “coldzera” David from team Luminosity Gaming against Team Liquid in the recent Major at MLG Columbus 2016, a graphical image has been added to the B side of the map on the wall at the narrow space beside the van. The image shows an AWP with a set of wings and four scalps mimicking the scope.


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