Trackmania Turbo Review

Trackmania Turbo is the latest installment in the Trackmania series and it features a more arcade take on the entire experience.

Trackmania Turbo is the latest installment in the Trackmania series and it features a more arcade take on the entire experience. Despite that, it does manages to bring quite a lot of value to the gamer simply because it features a wide range of unique and fun mechanics, not to mention intense multiplayer.

Like always, the focus on getting a good time is there for all tracks, and there are quite a lot of them. The game features no less than 200 different tracks and they are placed in a variety of locations so there is quite a lot of fun variety to be had as you play which is what matters the most.

The focus is on stunts however and because of that some of the community might not like the way the game was created. Instead of being more technical, this entry is particularly more focused in the arcade region which is not bad at all. It helps deliver a more fun, organic and exciting experience which does help you enjoy the gameplay.

They also added in a cooperative multiplayer mode where two players control a single car, a unique take on the game and this does bring in front new opportunities. It’s nice to note that the game does integrate split screen which is very good and works amazingly well, but at the same time the graphics are very good and the game is actually a lot more colorful which is something quite interesting to keep in mind.

An important thing to note here is that Trackmania Turbo also has systemic music which does change based on the gameplay. While playing, the game did feel immersive due to the presence of individual music packs dedicated for different gameplays which made the experience event more amazing.

There is a track editor which allows you to create your own tracks, but at the same time you can also choose to generate custom tracks via the editor. The greatness of this feature is that you don’t have to waste time to create tracks if you don’t want to, instead you can get right into the game and play one of the millions of tracks that can be generated by Trackmania Turbo. They also allow you to save the track if you liked it, which is really funny and exciting to be honest.

From graphics to music and gameplay, everything is quite good here. If you enter with the right expectations and if you don’t want a simulation based Trackmania game you will definitely have fun here. There’s a lot of content to be had, the coop modes are interesting and the multiplayer works amazingly well as always. The physics are also good and the community is friendly, so even if there are no official servers and the FPS might drop from time to time, this really is a solid and fun game to begin with. We do recommend you to check it out, especially if you are a fan of racing games!

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