Street Fighter V Review

Street Fighter is one of the best and longest running fighting game franchises in the gaming industry. With Street Fighter V...

Street Fighter is one of the best and longest running fighting game franchises in the gaming industry. With Street Fighter V, Capcom has tried to bring some new features all while trying to keep some of the old gameplay features intact. But is this move a success for them?

Right off the bat, it’s important to note that some things like the V gauge, V skills and V triggers are new to the game. These allow you a better focus during combat, deliver new attacks to the game and just make the entire experience more cohesive. As a fan of brutal and action packed combat, you will surely appreciate the new gameplay features and the experience you get here is very satisfying.

The new additions are great to be honest and the fact that you also get the Stun meter back is nothing short of astonishing. It’s a very nice addition to the game as a whole and it does help you obtain a very good gameplay mechanic all around. Some other things like the Focus attacks have been removed, but the interface revamp actually works in the game’s favor and it does a really good job in delivering a very good, immersive experience.

It’s nice to see that there are always new mechanics at play and you will definitely appreciate the fact that the game encourages people to be more offensive rather than defensive like the previous installments did.

Animations are excellent as always and we do feel that these do add in to the overall appeal of the game. It’s just a lot of fun to see the great character models and their animations, not to mention that the entire gameplay experience is solid and filled with immersive moments.

The overall characters are a great choice because you get a combination of old and new. There are 4 new characters and some others are making a comeback from the previous entries which is really exciting and fun to say the least.

The lack of a campaign mode at launch was really unfortunate to be honest but it clearly shows that the development team was focused on multiplayer. It’s a disappointment to have a simplistic randomized mode where you can play against the AI but not have a full-fledged campaign. It really is a lot of fun though despite the lack of a dedicated campaign and the title is immersive enough to deliver a very good value all around.

As a whole, Street Fighter V is a great fighting game with some disturbing flaws. Thankfully, all of them can be solved in future updates and they are already working on a campaign mode as well. So, even if it might take a little more than expected, fans will definitely get the experience they want from this edition.

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