Welcome to the NOVAPLAY forums, below are some of the do's and don't, Kindly read it as it'll help everyone in making a great community :)


- Respect other users
- Post in a polite manner
- Try to help wherever possible
- Not forget to enjoy yourself
- Use the report button for violation of rules
- Use descriptive thread titles & be descriptive about your problem
- Avoid double posting whenever an edit will do
- Search to see if there's already a solution
- Try to follow up your thread with a solution or a fix if you found one. Chances are that it will be useful to others.


- Insult other member(s)
- Create multiple threads on the same subject (even in different sub-forums)

- Spam the forums!!!

- Use txt lng in ur postz no1 likez 2 read it
- Bump your posts too often (around once every 24 hours is recommended)

- PM people with support requests, start a thread so everybody benefits


Please also Introduce yourself to the NOVAPLAY community in this thread

-Please use this thread for brief introductions only-

Greetings to everyone, I am Raaj ' zeroTimeSpan ' Ajay, a full time Community Manager for NOVAPLAY as well as other things. I would like to take this time to personally greet you and welcome you to NOVAPLAY. Why dont you head on over to the inroductions thread and share who you are with the rest of the community.