Shivendu Mishra

"The Good Ol E-sports days... But wait! Has something changed for new???"

Times keep changing so does opportunities and a thrust to grab them. Back to 2007 when there was silence around the thought of being an e-sports professional (leave about silence , nobody even thought) in India , there stood the audacious Ben Varghesi, Mikhail Mehra, Hasnain Sayed, Ritesh Shah, Amar Ratnan or the renowed ATE clan to prove all odds about e-sports wrong by winning the Reliance gamebox championship 2007.

10 years hence plethora of growth has been observed in the Indian e-sports scene. But still then what makes aspiring cyberathletes to quit their dreams of winning majors. Why not people go for choosing the profession of e-sports as their career. Reasons: Plenty of them -

  • The growth is not huge as stated earlier , it just for saying that investors have done something out of the way.
  • Lack of support from parents
  • Lack of decent gaming rig and gear
  • Lack of motivation , opportunities etc.
  • (Depends on standard of living) Less income.
  • Lack of government support as in other sports like cricket

Well how did we get Independence? The whole country got together and fought against the powers. If analogously I relate the two things, I better be #ggnoob. But what if all the aspirants just come together and with all their like mindsets don't deviate from the goal of becoming a cyberathlete? Of course at the end of the day we have to think about the basic things like food, home , money etc. but what if we don't consider the negative aspect of it? What if we all get sucess. Of course the is a "what if not" side of it , but we could give that thinking time in the game rather than thinking bout "if not". I come across people who say there's no future in e-sports. If so , then I guess brutals , entities must be fed up with their life and banging their heads for choosing this profession. Then I also come across people saying, you have to be like them for making mark in the industry and survive. Re toh bano na! "Become like them". Why always back yourself down thinking we won't be able to do it. Also as Sandeep sir says , "Aasaan Hai" - It's easy . You just need to have that spark and fuel to ignite the fire in you.

I am currently going for an IIT coaching. My story is way to long and can't be explained like this. And yes even after owning a decent gaming rig I still have a lot of problems. I used to think gaming pc - life's free of all shits. But I have realised that I do not have the fire in me as I have for e-sports. I am not a player who has tons of hours and exp in GO. But I m sure , if the fire has brunt my 1235 hours, It will burn till end. And I have told my parents but they still don't support much. I saw a guy once in my school who was busy solving the questions and he is dedicated towards IIT. He has fire for it. I respect him for that. I respect IIT. But I am just not made for it. Of course If I were given a chance to study at IIT, I would be on cloud9 but since just like that it's not possible , so leave it.

Then there come the fitness freaks who question us "Is it even a sport?" they mock us. Well Sir/Madam , It indeed is a sport and more mental than yours. Well usually the sportspersons respect each other and don't say like that but in case one does so .. . Then come the parents. You will become dumb. Go out enjoy . You will become ill physically. Well s1mply look at v3nom , pashabiceps for that. And calm your anxious minds. Isn't chess an Indoor sport? Isn't it a game? just because the e-sports games are abbreviated as video games with a "video" , it is bad? Re video toh porn mein bhi hota hai, tab bhi billions dekte hai. (Video is in porn too but billions watch it). Something with increases IQ and benefits in most aspects is bad. And porn, according to you guys which is bad ( I don't think it to be) , is viewed by you in isolation! Why! Why this irony? And trust me , these are not the uncle type people , but youth , our friends around us. The reason for them to be like that , is that they are refrained from video games but exposed to the other stuff. And one needs some pleasure, relaxation hence they do such stuff. I am not saying all the people are like that. But most of them are. People are not aware of e-sports. Video games=Chappal , in India. Explicit stuff is okay . But video games are not.

Com'on guys its time to change. It's all on you. The future lies on you , so does the future of e-sports in India. Do you call for an e-sports movement? I m in. Let our government hear to our cries and do amendments with consideration from sportspersons , professional in the Industry. And if possible me too #EsportsNeedJustice

(This was posted on steam universe group by me . If you call for a movement let me know. Spread this post to as many people as possible if you want to contribute to e-sports)

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