Hey I am Ritik , I'm 14, about to be 15 , I have been gaming (PC) since the beginning of my time. I love FPS and almost everything. I just learnt about this site from graphiti (The Telegraph ) and realised that this is a golden opportunity for me so that I can show people that gaming is not a crime and of course follow my passion. Later in life I imagine myself as a game developer in Bioware ,EA. Although I need some guidance so please if you may , help. I want to play on the international level can professionals help......

Hi Ritik,


Your path of success really depends on what game you play.  As general advice I would say practice till you reach a certain level ( this ofcourse varies) where you can be considered 'good'.  After that try and get as much experience by joining in house leagues/games by joining various discord/reddit groups.  You can either start your own team or join someone else to get more experience.  It takes a lot of practice and patience as well as some good ol' chance.