Raaj Ajay



Been a gamer since DOTA 1, have always researched for components by myself via various sites and sources.

For a change would like to know what our Indian gaming community would suggest as I'm hoping to get usable and reliable information !!

Cheers and Thanks in advance. Looking forward to any information that could be of use :)




Nikhil Shah

What games do you want to play on the PC?

This one should do good for most at 1080p or you can wait for Ryzen.


H110/H150/Z170 motherboard

8/16/32 GB Ram [Corsair, Hyper X, G-Skill etc.. you choose]

256 GB/512 GB/1 TB SSD

GTX 1050ti/1060/1070

450 W/600 W Power supply

H440/S340/Spec03 case

CM Hyper 212 x cooler/ Noctua NH-14.